The House

Hi there friend!

Collective Sunshine is a house with 12 bedrooms in Stockholm with a laid-back, social atmosphere. It is ideal for people who just arrived in Stockholm and don’t know anyone — you are bound to make friends in this house!

Most of the residents of Collective Sunshine are also members of CouchSurfing, a site for people who like traveling and staying with locals rather being alone in a hotel or at hostel

We all LOVE getting to know new people, and we enjoy sharing with others. This can be a conversation, a meal but also teaching skills to others or learning new things.

Our home

Welcome to our home!

What is the vibe like?

The idea behind this house is to create a family of friends, so it is important that everybody gets along well with the others in the house. As we are quite the social bunch we often take in Couchsurfers and have dinners, play board games or watch movies together.


We love to cook together!

The practical stuff

The rent includes electricity, water and a 1000/1000 Mbit (fast!) broadband internet.

The place is completely renovated with floor heating, has a modern kitchen with two dishwashers, two induction stoves, 6 fridge/ freezers, two pyrolytic ovens, a built-in microwave and a dining area for about 30 people.

We have also built a completely new laundry room, bathrooms and a sound insulated movie room. All doors are made of solid wood with insulation in the frames and all ventilation units in the house have sound dampening filters to make the bedrooms as quiet as possible.

The garden is quite big (>1000 sq. meters) and is full of fruit-trees. There is everything from apples to plums and cherry trees. There are also raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries and blackcurrant bushes growing there, so lots of stuff to pick (and turn into pies) in the summer season.  There is also a patch of land for anyone who wants to grow their own vegetables or spices in the garden.

We also want the house to be a peaceful place which means that alcohol is not allowed to be consumed in the house

Where is it?

Our house is located in a calm suburb of Stockholm, about 10 km from the main train station. It’s a 15 minute train ride + a 5 minute bus ride from the house, but there are beautiful bicycle roads along the water which take you there as well.

We have three food stores within 1 km of the house (Lidl, Coop and Ica) and we have a really nice lake about 3 km from the house where we usually go bathing in the summer (it gets quite warm, around 25 degrees Celsius).

Collective Sunshine Valborg

A mix of residents and friends at Sweden’s famous festival: Valborg

A few rules

The neighborhood is very safe and peaceful; we also want the house to be a peaceful place which means that alcohol is not allowed to be consumed or stored in the house. You are allowed to be drunk when you come home, but boozy parties can not be held in the house. We also prefer non-smokers, and any drugs that are illegal in Sweden, such as marijuana, are not accepted at all.

Many of the people in the house are vegetarians, and most of our meals are vegetarian so you should be okay with a low-meat diet (at least at home) since we cook together a lot.

Other than that we prefer people who want to stay for a longer period (more than 1 year) but of course we make exceptions when we find really cool people that would fit in well.

To sum it all up

Our ideal candidate would be:

  • Vegetarian
  • Non-smoker
  • A responsible drinker (or non-drinker)
  • Staying with us for more than a year

Interested in joining Collective Sunshine? Apply for a room here.

Hugs from us all

Hugs and Love from Collective Sunshine

A few photos from the house and residents