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Collective Sunshine Get-to-know-you form
Please answer in English as we will share your reply with the people in the house and not everyone are fluent in other languages.
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Nick-names are welcome too…
(If you are non CISgender just fill in what you would like to be defined as)
For example and ad or someone living here, feel free to write where or who if you want 🙂
Click on your “profile” in FB and copy the URL at the top or write your FB name if we should serach for it.
Sometimes it makes it easier if someone is running late or got lost on their way… (the suburbs can be a labyrinth you know
Give us something approximate date if you don’t know for sure…
Is it a month or a lifetime…
We have had a few Skype interviews over the years, but we prefer to meet people in person (or even better if you want to surf with us for a few days so that we can see if the chemistry works)
Could be WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail or smoke signals 😉
Things like, study, work, learn Swedish or whatever…
Could be that you are a vegetarian, or religious reasons… do you have a problem if other people do eat that? (We try to keep one fryingpan and a cutting board for vegetables only… but it does happen that people mix them up… would that be a problem for you?
Do you smoke tobacco?
Since we live in a residental area (our neighbours have young kids and there is a daycare center just accross the street) we don’t allow drinking or storing alcohol at home. What you do when you go out partying in the city or in other places is up to you of course, we just want a “safe” zone at home so to speak :). Oh, and this goes for any friends you have visiting us too… and yes… we take very serious on this rule; also when we have parties in the house!
Do you agree to follow our house rules if we take you in?
You can find our house rules here: Please be aware that if you break any of these rules you might be asked to move out without a notice period.