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One house, twelve bedrooms, unlimited joy

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What is Collective Sunshine?


Great location

Collective Sunshine is located 30 minutes by bicycle from the Stockholm city center (on beautiful bicycle roads next by the water).


Make new friends

We know how hard it can be to find new friends when you move abroad. With its 12 bedrooms, there are always people to hang out with at Collective Sunshine!

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Live in Harmony

Our house is built on communication and mutual respect

  • Smoking is not allowed at home
  • Collective Sunshine is alcohol free (you can of course drink elsewhere if you want)
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We are sustainable

Collective Sunshine cares about nature.

  • We recycle
  • Part of the rent is donated to Greenpeace
  • Our house is built sustainably
  • We grow our own vegetables and fruit in the garden
  • Most of us travel by bicycle
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Collective Sunshine
1 year ago

Collective Sunshine, a 12 bedroom house in Spånga, has a room free from the 1st of October and one room free from the 15th of October, both for long term staying
Rent is 3.100 and 3600 SEK/month ... See more

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